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A Secure Graphical Authentication System using Watermarking and user Behaviour

These days practically well-known technique for user Authentication may be utilizing Textual password. Major drawbacks of these techniques are dictionary attack, brute force attack etc. A secure Textual password must be produced utilizing a blending for uppercase, lowercase, also special characters. Users bring a propensity should pick feeble text-based passwords, which would short, furthermore not difficult with keep in mind. On beat those drawbacks of text-based passwords, a large number picture-based passwords bring been suggested. Picture based password systems often fair from a few quandaries, a standout amongst them may be the shoulder surfing attack, ie, an attacker can easily watch an image password that users choose by snooping over shoulders , record information by using a camera and also predictable. PassMatrix is an authentication system that is used to overcome the shoulder surfing attack. During the time of registration user has to choose image as their password and choose a pass-square per image. Generic Visible watermark Embedding is technique used to blend a cover image and pass-image that can secure the pass-images from the attackers. This method can be elongated to secure web applications by using QR code and user behavior service.