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RFID based Attendance Management System with Face Recognition

This paper presents a modified design of attendance management systems which is used in colleges, universities, offices etc. Nowadays the attendance monitoring is done manually. This process takes lots of time. Ie; attendance is marked by calling student’s name or by calling their roll number. Another conventional method is signing on a paper using pen. These paper records must be keeping by the faculty and wants to produce the daily reports of the attendance. And also there is a possibility for the proxy attendance, ie; some students may call his/her friend as “presence” even though he/she is absent.Since it is a time consuming, insecure, inefficient way of attendance monitoring. So a new method called RFID based attendance monitoring is used. Here all the students were provided with the RFID tag as the ID Card and monitoring the attendance by using the RFID reader. Also include some biometric methods in this project for security purposes in attendance monitoring. Keywords - RFID, tags, Microcontroller, Wireless Data base records, Fingerprint sensor, Face Recognition, Feature Extraction