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Paraplegic Aid: An Assistant for Paraplegic Patient’s for their Daily Living Activities

The recent survey of world health organization estimated approximately 5.6 million people were paralyzed representing 1.9 percent of the population roughly 1 among 50. Health surveillance of the paralyzed the hospitals reveal that, there are many exercises, stimulation to safeguard the paralyzed people. But there is not a particular monitoring system to monitor the daily activities of the paralyzed. Paralysis is one among the major neural disorder that causes loss of motion of one or more muscles of the body, wherein depending on the cause, it may affect a specific muscle group or region of the body, or a larger area may be involved. This paper represents the implementation of module for the paralyzed patients. It compromises the use of arduino circuit that enables feature of automation. This paper endows several features such as automation emergency service, nursing service, remainder services, etc Keywords - Paraplegic, Paralysis, Neural, Plegia, Paraparesis, Paralyzed.