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Design of KOGGE - Stone Adder using Adiabatic Logic

Most important design consideration in integrated circuit after power is speed. Adders are one of the basic fundamental components in any digital systems. Due to rapid growth in technology there is need for fast processing. Addition is a basic operation in any digital, analog or control system, fast and accurate operation of digital system depends on the performance of adder. The major problem for binary addition is the propagation delay in the carry chain. As the width of the input operands increases the length of the carry chain will be increased. To reduce the carry propagation problem most of the modern adder architectures are represented as a parallel prefix adder structure. Kogge stone adder is one among the parallel prefix adders. This has the regular layout which makes them attractive adder in electronic technologies. This paper proposes the design of Kogge stone adder using adiabatic logic. Specifically positive feedback adiabatic logic (PFAL) is used; this design will have proficiency of energy saving by reusing the energy which helps in reduction of power dissipation. Hence a fast adder with low power dissipation is designed. Keywords - Adiabatic logic, Positive feedback adiabatic logic (PFAL), Kogge stone adder (KSA), less delay.