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Smart Handle Cleaning Device Using FRDM Kl25z

Our proposed project aims to develop the prototype of a device which can be attached to any cleaning instrument that is based on hand motion. Automation in the cleaning industry has always been limited to cleaning equipment or cleaning robots. Our prototype is an automation based project which will be able to ensure efficient management of the entire Cleaning service system. The prototype consists of an Analog Accelerometer which monitors each swing motion of the Cleaning Device. This data is sent to the microcontroller which keeps a count of the sweeps. Along with this, the microcontroller calculates a certain job completion threshold based on the carpet area being worked on. Both the data are then processed to deduce whether a particular room has been cleaned. Further, a network of these sensors must be created along with a system that monitors the cleaning of multiple rooms or an entire institution. The data is then uploaded to a cloud so that it can be analyzed and various conclusions can be drawn for different applications. Index terms - SHCD, ADXL335, FRDM-KL25Z, ESP8266, NRF24L01, ThingSpeak, WSN, TWILIO.