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Rule based Afan Oromo Analyzer for Spell Checker

Developing language application is resource intensive task that requires active participation of stakeholders, from linguistic and computational perspectives. The most explanatory method for presenting what actually happens within Natural Language Processing system is by the levels of language approach. However, if the language has no rule how to write and read, it creates misunderstanding among human beings. Integrating spell checkers in to word processors reduces the amount of time and energy spent to find and correct the misspelled word. Afan Oromo language, Lowland East Cushitic sub-family of the Afro-Asiatic super-phylum language family spoken in Ethiopia has no any spell checking tool yet. Rule Based Afan Oromo Spell Checker is supposed to solve it. In general, the algorithm and techniques used in this study obtains good performance. The result obtain encourages the undertaking of further research in the area, especially with the aim of developing a full-fledged Afan Oromo spell checker. Keywords - Spell checker, Afan Oromo, Non-Word Error, Real Word Error, Typographic Errors, Error Detection.