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Simulating Turn-based RPG using System Dynamics as a Balancing Tool: Automating Play Testing

Designing game balancing by game designers are tedious work where they need to design the statistics using spreadsheet, and playtest them manually in many iterations. Finished balancing will be the best state of the game to deliver as intended by its game designer. In order to reach the said state, game designer must spend a good deal of time doing playtesting. Therefore, this paper proposes a game balancing tool which functions to automate playtesting by simulating model of battle RPG using utilized system dynamics. The purpose is to help game designer cuts playtesting time to collect insights on how their current balancing works. This paper explores the possibility of creating and using system dynamics to model RPG, especially battles, to be used as game balancing tool to help building strategies in design direction. Keywords- playtesting, simulation, system dynamics model, turn-based RPG, game balancing tool