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Full Duplex Location Tracking During Emergencies with Failsafe Location Updates

In an ambulance booking process, the person who books the ambulance is not able to track its current location. When the ambulance arrives, it may not be the most suitable ambulance for that particular emergency. Also there is no prior knowledge about the patient. In this proposed system, we make use of a smart phone which acts as both a GPS and GSM device. This provides full duplex communication of location and other details between the ambulance driver and the ambulance caller. Furthermore, in scenarios of lack of an internet connection, the latitude and longitude obtained from the smartphone is parsed into a message and is sent to the driver. The driver’s phone automatically gets the location update from the message. Ambulances are not assigned based on closest distance. They are assigned based on a combination of few parameters, shortest distance, traffic details, number of simultaneous ambulance requests and ambulance relevance. A probabilistic model is used so that we can make sure that no ambulance request is left unattended. This makes sure that the ambulance sent is equipped to carryout the first-aid process. The application is also able to dynamically share the user’s health records to the first responders and the hospitals through a centralized repository. The application also sends an alert to the patient’s emergency contacts through a SMS. This SMS contains an URL, which upon opening allows the person to track the location of the patient. Blood requirement alerts are also sent based on the type of emergency. Keywords - Ambulance; Emergency; GPS; GSM; SMS; Medical Repository; Ambulance assignment; Live tracking