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Braille and Voice based Text Messaging System for the Blind

Texting that is SMS is important function of any Mobile phone and we know that the mobile phone usage in the World is spreading rapidly and has gone through great changes due to new developments and innovations in mobile phone technology. In this paper, Blind user inputs text command and receive speech- output as response. Buttons (in case of event handling in .NET compact framework) [2] for charactes and commands are placed on touch screen[2] of the Smartphone (Windows Mobile)[15][16] and Braille overlay[3][4] is placed on touch screen. When user touches any character or some commands, respective character or command will be read aloud as feedback so that user can be assured for correct input. For reading aloud text messages, Text to Speech sytem[5][11][6] is there which converts text into audible form. The text is read aloud by audio player. Related work done by some other researchers, is limited to audio access to smartphone[1]. There is no provision to input text using Braille. Keywords - Windows Mobile, Braille, Text to Speech Synthesizer, Text Messages, .Net Compact Framework