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Survey Paper on Image Mining Techniques and Challenges Associated

In today’s world, multimedia plays a very vital role. Images among them are the most widely used form of media. Image mining is strategically the most complicated yet interesting field of Data Mining. Image mining is an important technique in which we use the images directly to mine data in the form of knowledge. Image mining is initiated using Image Segmentation. Segmentation is the frontier process. Since Image Mining is more or less is derived from Mining, every one of the ideas of Data Mining functions admirably alongside Image Mining also. This includes processes like abstract information extrication, image data affiliation and extra templates which are dispersed provincially in the data. It is an intrigued field that consolidated techniques like computer vision, image processing, data mining, machine learning, data base and artificial intelligence, etc. A crucial task of the mining process is to generate all significant and frequently occurring patterns without prior knowledge of the patterns. The main reasoning of this paper is to throw some light on the techniques and subsequent challenges which arise due to the techniques. Keywords— Data Mining, Image Mining, Segmentation, Classification, Datasets.