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Security Technique using Personal Recommendation Service in BigData Environment

As the Internet, social media, and smart phones evolve, the number of unstructured data, such as photos, images, and videos, and the number of existing structured data are rapidly increasing, However, it is not easy to obtain only the information necessary for the user in a myriad of data. Therefore, there is a need for technology to utilize it, the technology at the center is the BigData. There are various security threats that are unavoidable due to explosive increase of such data. It is a representative example of personal information protection, data protection and resource management. Especially in the BigData environment, intelligent security threats are increasing, and these threats can lead to serious harm such as causing personal information or disruption of personal or business. Accordingly in this paper, we study various security techniques in BigData environment and analyze various data of users. We propose a security framework that can easily identify situations in which security risks are exposed and reduce. Keywords: BigData, Intelligent Security, Hadoop, Security Technology.