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Design and Implementation of Financial SMS Extraction and Analysis

With the steadily growing usage of a smartphone in our day-to-day life, more information is conveyed with the aid of SMS (Short Message Service). Useful information such as transactional details can be extracted from those SMS and an overview of the same can be presented to the user. In this paper, financial SMS i.e. SMS related to bank and credit card transactions are considered as a proof of concept. Hence having access to SMS will contribute to obtaining data related to all such transactions. Once access is granted key information from financial SMS is extracted, stored in the local database of smartphone and is analyzed to illustrate the statistical information in form of charts. The solution presented in this paper uses smartphone application that extracts transactional data through SMS. Accurate use of regular expressions [1] extracts key information from a message. The fundamental contribution of this paper is to create a system that automatically parses all the financial messages, extracts key information from those messages with the help of regular expressions and provides a statistical view for the same. It is well tested on Android phones and has considerable practical application. Keywords - Regular Expressions, SMS, Credit, Debit, CIBIL, SQ Lite Database.