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Design and Implementation of Security and Communication Establishment for Text/Image Data

This paper presents a novel idea for the secured communication of information. Now-a-day’s security of information is the most important issue. The data can be image or text, anything requires protection. In this paper, an image is taken and it is encrypted using the algorithm Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and a novel algorithm based on the principle of Rubik’s Cube. This encrypted image is stored in Raspberry Pi as server which could be used as a storage device also. The raspberry pi is installed with own-cloud server as it is an open source and it can be used from anywhere. So the person "B" can access from anywhere and this encrypted image is decrypted with the key given by the person "A". This is mainly used for security purpose in real time application. Index Terms- AES, Cloud, Communication, Image Encryption, Rubik’s Cube, Raspberry pi, Security.