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Cross Layer Design for TCP Optimization with Successive Acknowledgement Packet Handling Mechanism through Adaptive Modulation and Coding

This paper exhibits a unique cross-layer technique to improve the performance of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) in wireless systems by dodging the bottleneck of packet losses with the help of congestion window variation. The standard TCP utilized as a part of wired system can't be utilized as a part of wireless networks because of the time varying nature of the channel. By considering this reality, an interesting congestion control algorithm with the modified acknowledgement model is proposed based on the variation in congestion window. The proposed strategy uses the cross layer design from the best and underneath layers to upgrade the TCP execution as opposed to approaching a congestion control mechanism after packet loss. To streamline the TCP execution through error rate, packet handling framework has been proposed to analyze the end-to-end delay and end-to-end throughput with TCP RENO-2 model. Index Terms— TCP, ACK, Throughput, Error rate.