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Android-Based Legal Assistance Application using Rule-Based Inference Engine

Criminal Justice System plays a vital role in maintaining peace and order within a society. It provides an evenhanded framework which dictates how criminality or lawlessness should be handled. However due to some factors like cost and personal awareness of people, justice system is somehow compromised. This study’s ultimate goal is to develop an application which could be used by people to increase their personal knowledge on criminal law. This android-based application is a product of integrating expert systems into legal disciplines to provide assistance in understanding all underlying provisions under criminal law. There were surveys and interviews which were conducted on this paper to gather user’s feedback on the developed application as well as their suggestions on how it could be possibly improved. Related literatures and studies coming from different resources were also cited to support the foundation of this study. The application’s main features had focused on consultancy, crime reporting as well as review of the provisions covered by this study. This can be installed and used in any device running on an android operating system. Keywords - Legal Expert System, Assistance Application, Rule-based Inference Engine