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Appling Block-Chain for Bike Sharing Smart Contract

People's awareness of environment has risen in recent years, more and more energy saving and carbon reduction policy were popularized and got attention by the government, people were also gradually changing their habits and customs to rejoin the concept of green life style. Bike rental service combine sightseeing with exercise, is always a popular public transport. In Taiwan, Youbike is a well-known brand of public bike rental service, however, in China, they have another type of bike rental service, which is a fully station-less bicycle-sharing system. Except to find out the difference between the two type of bike rental service and each of their problems, this research also wants to solve current bike rental service encountered difficulties by using blockchain technology and smart contract, and to make a feasible solution for the realization of bicycle sharing economy. Keywords - Blockchain, Smart Contract, Sharing Economy, Bike Rental