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The Design of Temporal Database for Phuket Destination Assessment System

Today, information system is important and essentially used by every organization to manage its various aspects, including operation, service, planning, and decision making in order to ensure information accuracy and business competitiveness. Tourism industry is one of the industries that utilize information systems to enable service users to access up-to-date information quickly from anywhere, especially information and comments about tourist attractions, which highly influence the decision-making of tourists to visit. Therefore, reviews of tourist attractions by travelers reveal the positives and negatives about tourist attractions, enabling problems to be solved quickly and tourist attractions to become sustainable. Phuket Destination Assessment System (PHKDAS) is used for the assessment of tourists who visit Phuket on their impression on factors such as environment, accommodation, attraction places, transportation, health system, safety and, festivals and events at Phuket, Thailand. This system is a subsystem of Phuket Tourist Simulation System (PHKTSS) in the research of Agent-based and system dynamics technique used for tourism destination scenario generation and evaluation. Outputs from this system will serve as the parameters in System Dynamics of PHKTSS. This paper presents a database conceptual design of the system by TNIAM (Temporal Nijssen’s Information Analysis Methodology). As tourist impressions of a destination can change on passage of time, particularly, if a destination is going to decline stage of Tourism Area Life Cycle. Therefore, using a temporal database in this system can be shown as impression value at a destination in a period time. Index Terms - Information Systems, Temporal Database, TNIAM, TALC, Phuket Tourism