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Password Processing using Visual Cryptography and Optical Character Reader

Hash-based password schemes are simple and fast, that can be exposed to digital assaults by cracking tool. Accordingly, numerous hacking incidents have been happened overwhelmingly in systems adopting those hash-based schemes. In this paper, we propose password authentication using Image decipherment (IC) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition). The scheme transforms a user ID of text type to three images encrypted by IC. The client should make three images comprised of sub pixels by random function with SEED which incorporates individual data. The server keeps up client's ID and one of the image. At the point when the client logs in and sends another image, the server can extract ID by using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). As a result, it can verify client by comparing extracted ID with the saved one. The proposed enhances authentication, prevents digital assaults with lower computations. Keywords - Hash, Visual Cryptography, Image-Based Password Scheme