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Exploring Virtual Reality Technology for Spatial Ability and Learning Achievement for Geography

Now a day virtual reality technology has become more and more popular in the digital learning field in past ten years. Virtual reality technology can offer lots of vision and convenience for us. This research attempt to combine the VR technology with high school geography course and want to find out if using the VR supports the geography learning can be more effectively? In high school geography course there are lots of terrain for students to learn. This research considers that using VR technology can make students more immersive in the learning process. On the other hands this research detects students’ spatial ability and wants to observe different spatial degree students’ learning situation. With this research we can realize if using the VR to support high school geography learning can be more efficient than traditional learning and the relationship between the students’ spatial ability and learning situation. Keywords - Virtual Reality, Geography, Glacial Topography, Spatial Ability.