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Implementation Of Page Ranking Using Genetic Algorithm

Web Search engine plays a vital role in getting the information proficiently for the user needs from the immense web data. The proposed Genetic Page Rank algorithm (GPRA) based on Google’s Page Rank algorithm (PRA) for the Searching purpose. Using the proposed method we are calculating the ranking for the WebPages. Genetic Algorithm (GA) is applied for ranking Web Pages in which the two parameters: Mutation is used as a similar words (synonyms) and Crossover is consider as a concept. The proposed method gives the result set for the users given query by displaying the synonym words from the Wordnet database and it ranks the webpage by taking into consideration that number of times a given keyword and their synonym words appears in that webpage as well as the hyperlink count for that keyword and also for the synonym words. Keywords- Genetic Algorithm, Ontology Concepts, Ranking, Semantic Similarity, Web Search