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Collision Avoidance Performance for Exclusive Four-Color Allocation Strategies

In topology expression for such as maps, carbon nanotubes, spatial cells, clustering sensor networks and cellular networks, neighboring cells are assigned different exclusive colors to represent different characteristics. In a previous research, based on the four-color theorem, an algorithm that can allocate exclusive channels among neighbors using only four colors in polygonal cells is proposed at small scale topologies. But the performance of the algorithm in various and complex topologies has not been well evaluated. The difference in performance according to the color allocation strategy has to be compared. In this study, some color allocation strategy and collision avoidance methods are proposed for better performance. The performance of proposed strategies are compared based on collision avoidance methods by simulation. For the future studies, complexity effects on color allocation strategy has to be studied. Keywords - Collision Avoidance, Four-Color Allocation, Exclusive Channel Allocation, Network Simulator, Sensor Networks