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Cloud Technology on Accounting

Nowadays technology has many impacts on business sectors. Technology innovation evolves at a very alarming and fast pace and it has not only become optional. It has instead become the necessity for business survivval because of information disruption, Many businesses have gone out of business. for example, Artificial intelligence(AI) has taken over the global market in a massive way. It has taken the global market in such a way that the system is almost automatic and requires a minimal human supervision. Block CHaIN is also involved in assuring the data security. Cloud TECHNOLOGY makes sure that the system operation can operate 24 hours a day anywhere in the world. accounting is one of the business sector which is impacted by technology disruption. this paper shall consider many technological disruption, specifically cloud technology to address the availability of accounting data twenty fours a day. Keywords - Technology Disruption, Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, Cloud Technology, Data Security, Online Transaction, Cloud-based Accounting.