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Blockchain based Transaction Support System in Kidney Supply Chain Management

Blockchain is one of the most promising emerging technologies which have a great power to affect the accounting and the auditing fields. Using Blockchain Technology and encryption techniques such as AES, RSA and ECDSA a transaction based support system has been designed which is used to support transaction without the involvement of the third party systems such as banks and brokers. It also performs functionalities such as real time monitoring, fraud prevention and real time accounting in OPTN networks. It is also used to check every other system in the network for the occurrence of the transaction. In this study we have taken the case of kidney transplantation and studied the complexities associated in the transplantation because of the lack of optimal pairing of donor and recipient. The matching process of donor to recipients involves many critical attributes of donor as well as recipient like their age, blood group, distance between the recipient and donor etc. The matching strategy can filter most of the recipients who do not match. So among the matching recipients, the best matching recipient is chosen for further tests and eventually transplantation can be done and the associated donor and recipient can transfer their amount. Their amount is generated on the basis of the government policies and the direct transaction happens without involving third parties. All the actions happening during the transactions in the OPTN network are analyzed and the transaction status is reflected in the server end. Keywords - Blockchain, Cryptography, Kidney Transplantation, Transaction, OPTN.