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Feature Extraction Methods in 3D Medical Images

Detection and classification of abnormal growth of cells in brain are very significant in clinical practices. MRI is the most efficient non-invasive practice for detection of abnormal and uncontrollably growing cells in human body. The identification of cancerous cells by visual examination of MRI is a subjective judgment by the clinical practitioner. Content Based image retrieval (CBIR) is the powerful method to locate an image in a very large database. The application of CBIR approach in for medical image management to fetch similar cases from huge Image database is very relevant in the current scenario. This paper aims to analyse recent works done in feature extraction of MRI images and the relevance of CBIR in medical image management. Identifying relevant cases from the MRI database using CBIR helps the physician in the diagnosis. Efficient feature extraction methods facilitate accurate decision making in the classification and retrieval of images. Keywords - Feature Extraction, MRI, Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR), Classification.