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A Review: Digital Signature Certifying Authorities in India

The digital revolution in India, came through the passing of Information Technology Act 2000 which gave a lawful recognition to Digital Signatures in India. MCA-21 scheme launched by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs really revolutionized the use of digital signatures by making e-filing mandatory for the Companies & LLP‟s. The other Government departments, Income tax, GST, DGFT followed suit and digital signatures were made mandatory. Through this paper the authorities governing the licensing of Certification Authorities in India have been explained. The Classes with their types of DSC‟s being used in India have been listed and all the Certifying Authorities presently licensed to operate in India have been compiled at one place and an effort has been made to do a Comparative Analysis of the services offered by these CA‟s. Keywords - CCA-Controller of Certifying Authority, CA-Certifying Authority, RCAI-Root Certifying Authority of India, SSL-Secure Socket Layer.