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The Development of Mobile Applications for Decision Support for Thai Orchard Farmers Regarding Salt Intrusion into The Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River is the main river of the central region of Thailand. In the dry season the river will be influenced by the sea water from the Gulf of Thailand, approximately 80 kilometers. Some period the salinity value is higher than the standard of 2 gram per litre that the plant can accept. It affects farmers’ activities, especially the orchard farmers such as durian, citrus orchids, which are important economic crops of the country. The impact of salt intrusion results in low productivity and increase cost of production, in case the farmer use the tap water for watering products to solve problems in the emergency situation. The objective of this paper is to create mobile applications for display the forecast results and simulate the incidence of salt intrusion. The application is designed for the farmers in the Chao Phraya River Basin. For conducting this research, mobile applications is constructed by writing a set of commands through a program called Sublime Text3 using Java programming language. In addition, the instruction set from the Theme Roller jQuery Mobile program is used for creating beautiful windows and additions to the colors of the application. There are 3 functional menus in the research, namely, the main menu consists of Chao Phraya River map, forecasting of salt intrusion incidents, and the last menu is the source of knowledge that gathers information about the impact from receiving salt intrusion. The benefit of this research is to make Thai agriculture fully developed. Keywords- Agriculture, Chao Phraya River, Mobile Applications, Salt Intrusion