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Detection of Fake Currency on the Basis of Black Matter using the Modified Segmentation Technique

Modern era is an era of technology. With the advancement of technology, its opening several ways of application, which can be considered both in positive and negative aspects such as printing technology. A laser printer can be simply used to print fake notes with maximum accuracy. If done in large scale, it becomes one of the major concerns. So security measures are taken into considerations. Detection and discrimination of fake notes from authentic ones are done in efficient ways & methods. In our proposed method, we have used black matter graph of a currency note and various features of a note in order to detect fake currency note. This method is more advantageous with respect to accuracy and computational complexity, as it deals with the comparison of the black matter graph, which, if fraud, can be determined even with an accuracy of 0.01%. Keywords - Fake Note, Black Matter Graph, Detect Fake Currency, Accuracy.