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Redundancy Management Of Multipath Routing For Intrusion Tolerance Of Packet Loss By Malicious Node In HWSN

In this paper we propose redundancy management of heterogeneous wireless sensor networks (HWSNs) where we are utilizing multipath routing to answer user queries in the presence of unreliable and malicious nodes which cause packet loss in the network. The research problem we are addressing in this paper is efficient redundancy management of multipath routing in a clustered Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network to tolerate intrusions which are responsible for packet loss and jamming attack. The main goal and objective of the paper is to use redundancy management on multipath routing to tolerate and detect intrusions. The key concept of our redundancy management is to achieve the balance between energy consumption and gain in reliability, timeliness along with the security to maximize the system useful lifetime. In our work we have considered redundancy management of multipath routes which are based on trust and energy values and it is used for intrusion detection as well as to maximize the system lifetime of a HWSN in the presence of unreliable and malicious nodes. In this paper we are using symmetric encryption technique to protect confidentiality. To increase security we discovered more extensive attacks by the malicious nodes such as packet dropping attack and jamming attacks, each attack is having different energy requirement as well as security and reliability. Keywords- Intrusion Detection, Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks, Multipath Routing, Packet Loss.