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Data Management & Cyber Security In The Digital Age Of Internet Of Things (Iot)

With the inception of the ever-growing influx of data from all-across the globe, data-privacy and cyber safety are two major concerns being faced by both, individuals as well as companies. With organisations shifting to the Internet of Things, keeping track of their connected devices through the internet and such connections is only possible with extensive amounts of data being shared and used. With even more companies planning to use IoT and several IoT vulnerabilities still waiting to be plugged, criminals are going to have a massive source of vulnerable devices at their disposal. Deducing better Secure-Design Patterns for future projects in enterprises, along with a more rigid check on any leakage of data from the IoT that’s being set up across the world is the focus of the paper. Keywords - IoT, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Data, Data Management, BotNets, Layers