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Data Breaches in IoT a Study and Solution by PUF Approach

Internet of things is heralded as one of trending technology of 21st century aims to revolutionize the way we live in many fields like Transportation, Health, and Entertainment etc. There is a quote “With great power comes great responsibility” fits here. Since, IoT devices are equipped with a sophisticated computational power responsible to capture user related data of everyday life. It creates a timeline for a user the way he lives and uses complex algorithms to extract information from the data it captured. This data contains many information like Location, Heart Rate, Sleep Patterns, Power Consumption, Device status and much more; which is very useful for a hacker or a company who is craving for betterment of their services. Since this data is private and bounded by digital laws no one has rights to use it for commercial purposes. A single user data shows information about a user but data of multiple users represents the trends of a particular geological region. This is why it becomes necessary to protect the user data from hackers who are inventing multiple ways to steal it from us, the users. This paper presents a brief overview of security and privacy of Internet of Things as well introduces PUF (Physically Unclonable Function) as a solution to protect user data from cybercriminals and further a suggestive model for IoT authentication using PUF is also demonstrated. Keywords - IoT Security, IoT Privacy Issues, Industrial IoT, PUF, Chip based Authentication.