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A Review of Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) Systems for Detection of Lung Cancer Nodules

Lung cancer is a typicalorigin of the death among millions of people. Previous detection of lung cancer can extend the opportunity of endurance among people. Digital image processing techniques especiallyutilized in different medical sectorsto apply in treatment stages, enhance the image and advancement in pre- detection. Peculiarity issues in aimed images, prominently in several cancer tumorsnamely;breast cancer, lung cancer etc. are discovered by using time factor. This study is focused on different experiments performed for the detection of lung cancers using various methods like image preprocessing, segmentation, feature extraction, filtering, classification and classification. But Computed Tomography (CT) images can be more suitable and efficient than X-ray [1]. Therefore, this study evaluates Computed Tomography images of lung. Keywords- Image Preprocessing, Segmentation, Feature Extraction, Filtering, Classification