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Model for Monitoring Chronic Diseases in mHealth applications: A case of Asian Country

Health is a basic requirement to improve the quality of life. Providing effective health care is an essential component towards the social and economic development of a country. In Asian country, chronic diseases accounted for 71% of all deaths in 2002. The WHO in its report Preventing Chronic Disease: A Vital Investment has highlighted the inaction of most governments of the low and middle income countries in tackling the problem urgently, is clear and unacceptable. An evolution of primary health care system beyond the acute care model to embrace the concept of caring for long term health problems is imperative in the wake of the rising epidemic of chronic diseases and its crushing burden resulting in escalating healthcare costs. This paper aims to identify the elements involved in mHealth monitoring system for chronic diseases patients focus in Asian conuntry. The proposed mHealth vital sign monitoring system in this paper is aimed to help clinicians and patients by illustrating the trace of critical physiological parameters, generating early warning/alerts and indicating any significant changes to the data, consultation, medicine and treatments. The model was validated with different set of collected data from public user (patients), developers and practitioners. But, in this paper, the analysis of validation focus on public user only that involved a patients and system developers. Keywords - Chronic Diseases, Monitoring System, Mobile Health