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Development of a Real Time E- Supervisory Archival System

In many tertiary institutions in the country, students seek a project in a given field of specialty as part of the upper level of their degree programme. Usually, a project can be filled by at most one student, though in some cases, a project is suitable for more than one student to work on simultaneously. It is a common phenomenon that final year student‟s projects are often managed in paper-pen system where most of these students lay their hands on already completed projects, and present the same to their supervisors without the knowledge of the same. This had caused so many duplications of projects words for words, year in, year out. An e-supervisory archival system was developed to monitor projects that had been implemented before to enable supervisors detect repetitive projects and guide the student right to conduct original and unique projects. The system was developed using HTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and PHP as the front-end while MySQL Structured Query Language was used as the back end. The system developed was able to eradicate repetition of projects carried out by students. Keywords - Archival System, E- Supervisory, Java Script, Cascading Style.