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A Report Evaluating the Factors that Supports and Inhibits the Creation of an Information Security Culture within Organizations-SMEs

The recent increase in vulnerability of information within an organization due to mobile technologies, online presence, data storage medium and BYOD has raised the concerns on the important of having a good information security culture in the organization. Culture has everything to do with human behaviours and a little changes in the human behaviours could have a tremendous effect on the information security culture [1]. This is why it is important for SMEs to create a good information security culture. The factors that supports and inhibits the creation of an information security culture and their dependability relationship was established. The report analysed the stages of formation of an information security culture within an organization. Milestones for creating and managing a good information security culture is emphasized in this report. The reports offers a recommendation for future research into creating a standard for measuring the financial losses resulting from poor information security culture. Keywords - Information Security, Organization Culture, Small Medium Enterprise.