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The Big Data Analysis for Associated Cloud Service using Parallel Trust Computing

In today’s world there is requirement for analyzing data, information and creating efficient solutions for data handling. The key component like cloud computing gives ascendable resources, reduced operational and processing costs and lower maintenance costs. The paper refers to active standards in Cloud Computing Environment, recently published in different articles. There are different techniques used to analyze large data and parallel trust computing. Intercloud Architecture Framework (ICAF) includes the components like Intercloud integration and interoperability, The (BOSS) Bi-Objective Scheduling Strategy for dynamic scheduling, a service operator-aware trust scheme (SOTS) for resource pairing across multiple clouds; Real-trust Trust Degree (RTD) is used to evaluate recent cloud resource service operators, and so on. The Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is used for related Cloud Service using Parallel Trust Computing for trust evaluation. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is developed to provide a firm communication in a not firm environment respectively. PGP is an encryption technique which gives cryptographic privacy and authentication of data. The web service parameters are analyzed through the PGP technique and statistical methods to give the trusted web service. Keywords - Intercloud, Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Big Data Analysis, Trust Computing