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Principles of R-Tree and Simpson Rule used for Face Feature Identification and Face Recognition

The objective of the study is to simplify face recognition algorithm. By the concept Simpson and R-tree a new method is introduced for face feature and face recognition. The Newtons D.D rule used to represent the Feature of the face, Simpson rule used to identify feature of the face and R-tree structure used to represent the face structure in the form of RTree. This algorithms introduces a new way of face recognition, Newtons DD algorithm forms an equation that represents all the pixels of the part of the feature being considered, Simpson rule uses this equation to form a single integer number that represents this equation, R-Tree is used to store all these points to form a structure which represents the face recognition. Test cases showed the expected result, using this solution it is possible to identify by using improved face recognition algorithm. Keywords - Face Recognition, Newtons Divided Difference, Simpsons Rule, R-Tree.