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Comparative Analysis for Sepic and Zeta Converter for Power Quality Enhancement

In modern era rapid advancement in semiconductor devices has augmented an expansive range for applications that are industrial, domestic and numerous others. Harmonic distortions created by power converters are alarming a severe problem for faithful operation of system. A traditional scheme using rectifier along with capacitor have an undesirable consequence with additional losses. An exhaustive analysis for converters i.e. Single Ended Primary Inductance Converter (SEPIC) as well as Zeta converters, for improvement of power quality feeding resistive load has been done in this paper. The proposed topologies provides a decrement in Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) by utilizing a PI control along with voltage follower scheme. The performance of intended converter is simulated in MATLAB environment which provides a superior quality for power across AC mains. Keywords - SEPIC, Zeta, DCM, DBR, PWM,PI