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Review of Eye Blink Detection for the Paralyzed

The goal is to design a human-PC interface, using eye-blink detection for a paralytic patient. For patients diagnosed with ailments like MND i.e paralysis below the neck, the capacity to control movement of muscles around the eye happens to be limited and hence the main path for a patient to communicate is through blinks. The natural motion of the eye is eye-blink. Eye blinks can be assessed through different tools. There are different frameworks accessible now a days that work well when integrated with web cams. This framework has been made use of in our project. The web camera is utilized to pursue a live video. We, at that point, utilize the contribution to interpret what the patient is trying to convey. The deliberate eye blinks distinguished by the interface, are deciphered as orders which are used to chose a number for the user from the output screen. Keywords - Tetraplegia, SIFT Method, GPU Tracking, Swift key Technique, Human-Computer Interface, Eye Blink Detection, Face Detection, dlib, LIS, ALS.