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Development of a Model for the Collection, Transmission, Processing and Storage of Energy Consumption Data

The problems of increasing the efficiency of digital sensor system of monitoring energy consumption (DSSMEC) in the energetic lead to the following main tasks: the need to ensure high reliability indicators for management of distributed energy units, the speed of information exchanges and the fault tolerance of system equipment. In this work mathematical model of information flows of a DSSMEC has been developed, that includes 6 main components and 16 technological operations. The calculation of requirement parameters for choosing the hardware platform of the presented system has been performed by using linear flow conservation equations based on the developed mathematical model. The result of the calculation shows that the load of the central processing unit (CPU) is quite large and amounts to 0.57, its required performance is equal to 1.098×109 operations per second and the performance of the selected processor is higher than 2.2×109 operations per. In terms of the performance of Intel Pentium processors, Intel P4 processor with 1700 MHz has been chosen as a minimum processor type. Keywords - Automated Technological Process, Information Model, Queuing System, Stochastic Network.