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CV-Writer: An Offline Resume Builder Application

Resume is the summary of all the achievements of a person throughout his life. Although it has been seen that people do not focus much on the quality of their resumes, which sometimes reduce their chance of being selected in the organization they have applied to. There are several reasons for that, applicant includes too much information in their resume although the resume must be short and sweet, these resumes lack in the regular format of a proper resume because of which the employer misses out some of the important information of applicant. From applicant‟s side, there lack of knowledge to write a resume is the main issue. They don‟t know what to include and what not. Many of them don‟t have a desktop to design it. There are online platforms to design resumes but they save the user‟s information and hence are not safe for user‟s privacy. An important issue faced by the applicants is that they usually don‟t get impressive words to express their qualities. Today many of them have a smart phone, so if there will an application which can run on a mobile phone take the information of the user and prepare a professionally formatted impressive resumes, much of their issues will be solved. This paper aims to present you an effective way to resolve all the above issues which will help every individual applying for an interview to prepare a professionally formatted quality resumes. It is an android application named “CV Writer” which does not require any registration or internet connection to create a resume with various different designs. User can easily generate their resume; it‟s PDF (Portable Document File) format will be saved in their phone‟s local storage and can be accessed locally anytime and anywhere. It is based on the concept of astrology where application will provide hints of humongous words which describe the user‟s personality, their strengths, interests and hobbies. Keywords - Resume, Resume building, Android Development, CV, Designer CV, Offline Resume Builder, Astrology, Zodiac Signs