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Mess Attendance and Menu Management System using Android App

Mess attendance and menu management system is an android application which is helpful for the manager as well as for the customer. In the current scenario generally the attendance is taken on register or manager of mess provide monthly token in advance to a customer. It would be possible in a smarter way if we create an android application for mess management. Such software would make the entire Mess related management an automated system. This paper focuses on the need and construction of a digital software system to establish a modern medium to carry out regular food business. Here we are providing features of marking pre-attendance after knowing the current menu updated by the manager of mess. Using this application there is a possibility to reduce the food wastage in the mess because the manager has a rough idea of numbers of customers attending mess today. Here customers having many other features like votes for future menu, suggest some dish to a manager, give a rating Keywords - Android Application, HTML, Mess Management System, Notification, Pre-Attendance of Each Customer, Regularly Menu Updated By Manager.