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Deduplication of Images Within the Document

With the increasing growth of digital data at both individual and enterprise level, there is a great need for store data on the cloud and effective utilization of storage space and network bandwidth. Cloud computing is an emerging technology that provides IT infrastructure, storage and flexibility. There could be also possible that storage would be wasted by the replicated copy of image, text and file on the cloud. With the data de-duplication, it is possible to eliminate these replicated copies. The goal of the paper is to perform deduplication on images present within the document at the client-side. In this scheme, the images and text present in documents are extracted and images are divided into blocks, on each block the dual integrity convergent encryption protocol is applied. This result in, those blocks which are common in either two or more near identical images will be stored just once and unique content of the images is restored along with text content and will be inserted into the document again. Keywords - Deduplication, Cloud Storage, Image Blocks, Image Hashing, AES Encryption, Electronic Codebook (ECB).