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GPRS Based Climate Sensing & Monitoring System

Appropriate Environmental conditions are required for green house, laboratories & many industries. Automating the data acquisition process allows information to be collected with no labor requirements, cost efficient and easy to maintain technology. General web server requires more resources & large amount of memories. So ARM based servers are becoming popular instead of PC based servers. This paper proposes world’s most powerful technology using advanced RISC machine (ARM 7) & in-build web server application with General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) technology. Users can monitor different remote environmental conditions by using embedded web server. GPRS technology along with GSM makes it accessible from anywhere in the world. Need of server software & its maintenance are eliminated by this proposed system. This system is an optimized solution for industry automation, instrumentation & household devices. Various sensors installed at working place help in real time climate sensing & monitoring like temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide etc. The results show that design of system is safe and convenient from local management of environmental data. Security of system enhances because of authentication process. Source code is written in well known embedded C language. Keywords- GSM, GPRS, Real Time Processing, Embedded Web Server, ARM Processor.