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VISTAR: Visiting Card Based on Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a new approach to bring liveliness into all forms of objects. With the help of Augmented reality and computer vision, basic text or images can be bought into life and erase the boundary between the real and virtual worlds. Making the population understand the methodology or procedure with surreal visualization. Using this technology we have bought vivacity into hackneyed business cards. In this modern era, people from various businesses collaborate by exchanging their business cards. Today's business cards are not that user-friendly and not a good option to increase connectivity in the corporate world. In this work we propose using Augmented reality technology to bring 3D in the real world, and make a card that is virtual as well as real and would make the process realistic and interesting for contacting a person. The new cards will have the potential to make the individual access to the cardholder’s social and corporate details. Keywords - Computer Vision, Image Processing, Feature Extraction, Augmented Reality, Virtual world, Business cards, Multi-User Virtual Environment (MUVE), Natural Feature Tracking, Image target.