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Research Study on Machine Learning Algorithms for Achieving Cyber Security

Machine learning methods have been applied in various parts of technology because of these unique properties like compliance, scalability, and possibility to rapidly attune to new and unfamiliar challenges. Cyber security has grown swiftly with demand. This field is challenging with a huge need of attention because of extraordinary progresses in social networks, cloud and web technologies, online and mobile transactions, smart grid, etc. Various machine learning procedures have been efficaciously implemented to address such extensive problems in computer security. This paper discusses and focuses on various applications of machine learning in cyber security. This study is of social network, smart meter energy consumption profiling, and problems in security of machine learning methods itself. The descriptions that are included are phishing detection, network intrusion detection, testing security properties of protocols, authentication with keystroke dynamics, cryptography, human interaction proofs, spam detection. Keywords - Security, Machine Learning, Survey.