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Cloud Adoption Strategy for The Indian School Education System

Now-a-days, cloud computing technology is considered pivotal for the educational system. It provides infrastructural enhancement without ownership, to mitigate emerging needs of students, teachers and administrators. However, in order to embrace this emerging technology, the challenges and uncertainties about its expected economic value, successful transition from planning to design and implementation and its overall impact on the overall educational system has left Indian educational institutions sceptical to adopt this technology. No doubt, some studies have been undertaken to frame cloud computing strategies in different countries. But, adoption of cloud computing strategies in India needs to tailor out unique cloud computing solutions, keeping in view the present and future needs. Therefore, given the unique requirements of the Indian school education system, this research undertakes identifies various challenges, drivers and barriers related to the adoption and transition towards cloud and offers efficient cloud computing adoption strategy with services and solution offerings. Keywords - Cloud computing strategy; school education; feasibility study; security; privacy and regulatory cloud concerns