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ASTRABOT: A Digital Dialogue Admission Agent

Nowadays, communication is pursuing its finest evolution. From the traditional sending of door-to-door mail into sending an electronic mail (e-mail) just by clicking certain devices and up to sending instant messages by using any different Instant Messaging (IM) applications. And the most intriguing is the development of the modern instant messages simulator or commonly known as chatbot. It is built to generate immediate response to the different Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by customers in certain products or services. That is why many companies turned into these chatbot systems as a tool to respond quickly to their customers’ FAQs. The study intends to develop an improved chatbot system namely “ASTRABOT” for FAITH Colleges’ admission department to immediately and correctly address the different queries of customers regarding to the admission process of the institution. The researcher uses two methodical approach to address and evaluate the effectiveness of the ASTRABOT, the descriptive and software development methods. The results show that ASTRABOT is able to address some FAQs asked by the customers who want to inquire regarding the admission process of FAITH Colleges. Some questions are themed accordingly like, entrance exam, offered courses and tracks, tuition fees, scholarship and school’s academic programs. Therefore, ASTRABOT can be a great help to ease the burden of the FAITH Colleges customers in inquiring with the institution’s admission process as well as the workloads of the admission department. Keywords - Chatbot, ASTRABOT, Admission, Descriptive Design, Electronic Mail, FAQ’s, Software Development