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Green Energy using Technology

With wars, pollution and multiple risk that is threatening the environment. The population of more than 7.3 billion, the planet suffers from continuous damage from human activity. As a results of these human distortions, global climate change is one among the foremost fatal challenges that face the planet . Climate Change will not be slackened or stopped by an action, nevertheless with the aid of few contributions from other fields, it will have an remarkable impact. Moving to electricity generation, manufacturing, and transportation produce most promotion, although the technology field can also play a significant role. The Internet of Things (IoT) in specific, has the prospective to lessen greenhouse emissions and help reduce the upsurge of global temperatures. IoT contains more than highly magnificent new gadgets and smart widgets. It also stimuluses the Earth's state, from its available resources to its climate. This paper displays that technology could subject as the tool that will save the world, if we take lead of it. Environmental monitoring is a spacious application for the Internet of Things (IoT).These keys are the premier foot to creating a abundant connected infrastructures to boost innovative services, superior flexibility and proficiency. Keywords - IoT, Climate, Environmental, Challenges, Risks.