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Exploring the Impact of Cloud Computing as Educational Technology for Teaching and Learning at Health Sciences University

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), at a global level, are growing rapidly in advancing education while exploiting eLearning technologies and promoting research. Cloud computing brings a wide range of benefits, with new capabilities, that can be incorporated in the educational process. This study was conducted at a Health Sciences University in Saudi Arabia to uncover the perspectives of teaching and learning by faculty, students and staff, on how cloud computing is assimilated as Educational Technology in their activities. An online self-administered survey was used to collect the quantitative data. A total of 250 survey responses were collected; however, after validation and cleaning the data, only 150 surveys were used for analysis. Majority of participants have shown good interest with a high acceptance rate of 45%, while 36% expressed concerns for security, particularly of critical data, with 18% being concerned about connectivity issues. Keywords - Cloud Computing (CC), Academic Year (AY), Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)