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Artificial Intelligence: Legislation on the Move? A Bird’s Eye View

“Predicting the future isn‟t magic it‟s Artificial Intelligence.” The quote finds its relevance in the present scenario as Artificial Intelligence is building and transforming the world from a state of antiquities, fiction, myths to a state of prominence, reality and truth. Artificial Intelligence can be well understood as a stimulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and act like humans. It has led the economies all round the world to grow at an ever -lasting speed. But on the other hand has given rise to question the legal conundrum surrounding the same, as the development is not equally synchronized with the relevant laws in the Indian Territory. Traditionally works like writing, keeping notes, recognition, proctoring etc were conceptualized to only human boundaries but over the time same have become the apparent task of Artificial Intelligence. This has led to great advancement in computational intelligence and has widely opened many possible avenues of work. Significantly the concept is evolving rapidly and has led to a significant shift in the human life. Undoubtedly this has led to efficiency in many sectors including Health, Telecommunication, Hospitality Services to name a few. With ever increasing deployment of this technology it is pertinent to embrace the laws, policy structure and its ramification in the near future with special eye on Copyright Issues, Liability with respect to Human Rights Provisions. Keywords - Artificial Intelligence, Copyright, Ramifications, Computational Intelligence, Antiquities, Fiction